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The University’s Crime Log can be found on-line here. The purpose of the daily crime log is to record all criminal incidents and alleged criminal incidents that are reported to UKPD or to a CSA.  Crime log entries include all crimes reported for the required geographic locations, not just Clery Act crimes.  Crimes included on the crime log are those that occurred on campus, in or on non-campus buildings or property, public property within the campus or immediately adjacent and accessible from the campus, and reports of crimes that occurred and are reported within UKPD’s patrol jurisdiction.

Campuses Reported to Crime Log

  • Main Campus
  • Little Research Center
  • North Farm
  • South Farm
  • Robinson Forest
  • West Kentucky Research & Education Center
  • Paducah Campus
  • Hazard Campus
  • Bowling Green Campus – College of Medicine
  • Northern Kentucky Campus – College of Medicine (Highland Heights)
  • Northern Kentucky Campus – College of Medicine (Edgewood)

This log contains information on the last sixty (60) days of UKPD’s activities such as reports taken and arrests made, as well as any incidents reported to the designated campus security authorities (CSAs).  Additionally, crimes occurring on Clery geography that are reported to Lexington Police Department (LPD) are included on this log upon notification by LPD.  The information in the crime log includes for each recorded incident: incident number, category of offense, crime date/time, report date, location, description, if a residential occurrence, and the disposition.

As the Crime Log is designed to provide additional and more timely information than annual crime statistic disclosures, crimes must be entered into the Crime Log within two (2) business days after the crime has been reported.  Business days are Monday – Friday and do not include University observed holidays or closures.  The crime log is inclusive of all crimes occurring during a single incident, meaning that if multiple criminal offenses occur during a single incident, all offenses are recorded to the Crime Log.  In the event of a crime disposition change, a revision will be made, unless that change comes after a period of 60 days.

Per the Clery Act information may be temporarily withheld from the Crime Log only if there is clear and convincing evidence that such a release would:  jeopardize an ongoing investigation, jeopardize the safety or identity of an individual (especially, a victim), cause a suspect to flee or evade detection, or result in the destruction of evidence.

The Clery Act standard for unfounding a crime is very high.  Crimes with a disposition of unfounded are those that have been fully investigated by a commissioned law enforcement officer and found to have been false or baseless. 

Anyone may access a paper copy of the crime log by visiting UKPD to view a copy of the last sixty (60) days.  Crime log information that is older than sixty (60) days will be provided within two (2) business days upon request by contacting CMP at (859) 257-9665 or