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The Fire Log records any fire that occurred in an on-campus student housing facility (including those on separate campuses).   Any student housing fire reported to any University official must be documented in the Fire Log.  Fires that occur anywhere else on campus, or in any non-campus property are not required to be included.

Reported fires are those that were already discovered either already extinguished or actively burning.  Such fires could include emergency situations that necessitated a fire alarm for fire department assistance or a small waste basket fire that was easily extinguished. 

The Fire Log is required to contain he following elements.  Additional data elements may be included, but are not required.

Date the Fire was Reported – This is the date the fire was first reported to any institutional official. 

Nature of the Fire – This is a description that allows any reader to understand what type of fire occurred.  No codes, acronyms, abbreviations, or other jargon is used.

Date and Time of the Fire – This is the date the fire occurred and the time it started.

General Location of the Fire – This is the location of fire without personally identifying information.


As with the Crime Log, entries to the Fire Log must be made within two business days of receiving information.  Business days are Monday – Friday and do not include University observed holidays or closures.   The Fire Log for the most recent 60-day period if always available for public review.  Any portion of the log older than 60 day is available within two business days of a request.   

For more information on fire safety, fire statistics in on-campus residence halls, or fire safety systems in on-campus residence halls please see the Fire Safety Report.  This report includes statistics for the three previous calendar years concerning fires or threats of fire in resident halls, Greek housing, graduate housing, or at any facility designated as a place of residence for students.  Statistics provided are for those having occurred on Clery defined geography.  The report includes annual fire statistics; a description of fire safety systems; yearly fire drills; policies on portable electrical appliances, furniture, decorations, bicycles/motorized scooters, open flames, evacuation procedures, policies on fire safety education and training; and contact information.