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Thank you for your interest in the University of Kentucky’s Hazard Mitigation Plan. The plan will be updated during the 2022-2023 academic year, and we need your help.

What is a Hazard Mitigation Plan?

Hazard mitigation planning reduces loss of life and property by minimizing the impact of disasters. It begins with identifying natural disaster risks and vulnerabilities that are common in the area. After identifying these risks, long-term strategies are developed for protecting people and property from similar events. Mitigation plans are key to breaking the cycle of disaster damage and reconstruction. Some plans include human-caused hazards, too, such as hazardous materials, cyber threats, pandemics, and active shooters.

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Hazard mitigation plans are required to receive FEMA hazard mitigation grants and must be updated and approved every five (5) years. To be approved, plans must be in compliance with federal hazard mitigation planning standards defined in the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000. UK’s current plan was approved on March 10, 2016, and must be updated to remain in compliance.

How can I help?

UK wants your involvement in the hazard mitigation planning process. The 2023 Hazard Mitigation Plan is now open for public review. We want your feedback. You can review the draft at the link below and then share your feedback with the survey link. 

UK Hazard Mitigation Plan Update-2023

Appendix A - Meeting Documents

Appendix C - Mitigation Actions

Complete the survey

This survey provides an opportunity for you to share your opinions and participate in the mitigation planning process.  The information you provide will help us better understand your hazard concerns and help us identify mitigation activities that should help lessen the impact of future hazard events, including the impacts of climate change and variability.


Currently Scheduled Planning Meetings

Steering Committee Kickoff Meeting - Thursday, September 29, 2022

University-wide Hazard Identification Workshop - Thursday, October 27, 2022

Open to public

Gatton Student Center, Worsham Theatre


Meeting Presentation

Provide Input on natural hazards that affect UK community

Steering Committee Mitigation Strategy Workshop – March 21, 2023

University-wide Draft Plan Open House – April 27, 2023 at GSC

Join us for the Hazard Mitigation Plan open house from 11am -1pm in the Gatton Student Center. This time is set aside for the university community to ask questions regarding the Hazard Mitigation Plan. 

Steering Committee Plan Updates - Final Meeting - May 23,2023